DABco has substantial experience in the different activities which form a comprehensive security system.
Measuring performance is the key to optimisation which the DABco method aims to guarantee and certify.
The response to customers’ requirements is through a comprehensive, all-round set of services, in which integration becomes the winning key to bringing supply and demand together.
DABco services represent the different expressions of a unique and new concept of security that has transformed DABco, from a traditional surveillance institution, into an Advanced Control and Monitoring Centre.


24/7 technological control

The DABco Operations Centre is created using cutting-edge technology for the constant control of alarms and images from the sites it manages.
The staff is made up of qualified security guards trained to act in real time to thus prevent and minimise damage from break-ins and attempted break-ins.

Technical control

DABco’s technical staff constantly monitor the state of the systems through its own operations Centre.
The Galassia platform (Physical Security Information Management) continuously interfaces with the devices, reporting any malfunctions which, when handled by DABco personnel, are resolved through remote reset or calibration procedures or through the maintenance teams present throughout the National territory.

Operational Action

DABco technicians promptly intervene on the systems they manage to solve any problems. The company has also established a network of qualified partners throughout Italy.
DABco recognises the importance of an immediate intervention because it understands the risks that its customers run when their security systems are compromised

System upgrading

Technology changes very quickly. As with everything else, electronic systems age, malfunction or become less efficient.
DABco is able to offer customers upgrading, repowering or full revamping solutions for CCTV security and surveillance systems.
The analysis of the site characteristics, the level of risk involved and residual risk that the customer is willing to accept, are the only fixed criteria that guide the technological choices.
DABco is a technologically open company; it does not enter into binding commercial agreements with manufacturers and is, therefore, able to offer the best quality/price ratio in the choice of products, defined exclusively based on the result that the customer wants to achieve.

Access control

DABco’s Operations Centre can handle access control to customer sites.
Access control is essential for keeping events under control which occur in the spaces and places to be monitored and for guaranteeing security.

Thanks to the attendance detection service, it is possible to ascertain with certainty all the individuals who are on-site, based on the authorisations granted.

A recorded and certifiable access control such as the one offered by PSIM Galassia contributes towards fulfilling the employer’s obligations in terms of security. In the event of an emergency, the customer can always ascertain which staff are located in a specific place and how long they have been there.

Personal tracking

The DABco operations Centre integrates personal tracking systems. The operations Centre manages tools for:

  • protecting workers with a man down safety device
  • in case of alarm geolocalates easily and intuitively.

In the event of danger , this service allows you to simplify and speed up the work of the rescue personnel, who will be supported and remotely guided by the DABco operators present in the Operations Centre.