2005 is the year when the surveillance institute, that is now known as DABco, officially became a part of the DAB group of companies.
The decision to apply technology to surveillance has changed the face of the company, whilst retaining its vision and objectives.


The technological transformation of DABco has meant an important investment in terms of hiring personnel and training.

Traditionally, the resources used in the security sector mainly deal with physical interventions in the event of alarms and protection.

Today, thanks to digital-based resources, we have achieved two important goals:

  • the off-site location of services
  • the development of skills.

DABco operators are trained and qualified to manage all aspects related to supervision and surveillance, mainly remotely.

The typical skills of traditional surveillance institutes have been replaced by more complex figures, which, in addition to traditional training, also include up-to-date technological knowledge.

DABco employs qualified operators, who can use and manage complex technological systems and dedicated software platforms. They are techinical personnel able to intervene on existing systems for maintenance and upgrading of equipment.


Territorial coverage knows no boundaries when covered by the use of technology.

DABco operator are able to control any area live thanks to remote monitoring, controlled systems and accredited techical assistance centers.

Until the early part of the 2000s, DABco had direct control of only a limited number of areas, mainly within the province of Rome.

Since 2003, when the need for security was not yet seen as essential, DABco began to extend beyond the province of Rome, to invest in digital development activities and reorganise skills, thus laying the foundations for a new business set-up with a countrywide blueprint in the space of a few years.

Today, thanks to the digitalisation and evolution of telecommunications on the one hand, and the use of trained staff on the other, DABco has significantly expanded its business covering all Italy and beyond.

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